For referring doctors

Dear colleagues,

Quality, service and empathy are our guiding principles in our day-to-day work.
You can reach us on our line for referring doctors (030.62907015), our standard line (030.62907010), our private consultation line (030.62907040) as well as the E-mail and online appointment booking system, and we will process your enquiry as quickly as possible. You can also view your patients’ results and image records via the portal for referring doctors.

The qualified staff at our practice are certified medical assistants and radiology technicians and use a professional, empathetic approach to guide our patients through the exam process.
Qualified medical specialists with the appropriate specialised training are on hand for diagnostic reports.

As a reference practice, the practice is equipped with only the very latest high-end devices and technology packages to enable the best possible diagnostics.

Our consultation hours

Appointments by phone
Phone 030.62907010
Monday–Thursday 9 am–1 pm  and 3 pm–6 pm
Friday 9 am–1 pm

Private consultations
Phone 030.62907040

Line for referring doctors
Phone 030.62907015

Practice consultation hours
Monday–Thursday 9 am–7 pm
Friday 9 am–4 pm
MRI examinations also provided at other times.


Types of examinations

Statutory health insurance consultation:

Magnetic resonance imaging

  • orthopaedic and neuroradiological conditions (joints, spine, head, spinal cord)
  • prostate (please note: not covered by statutory health insurance – an information sheet and a Cost estimate are available for those paying out of pocket. We would also be happy to advise you in a consultation).

Computed tomography

  • all examinations and conditions (please note that the CT angiography is not covered by statutory health insurance).

Private consultation:

Magnetic resonance imaging

  • orthopaedic and neuroradiological conditions (joints, spine, head, spinal cord)
  • MRI of the prostate
  • MRI of the abdomen for any type of condition
  • MRI of the neck
  • MR angiographies (supra-aortic vessels, vessels of the pelvis/legs, aorta, renal arteries)

Computed tomography

  • all examinations and conditions

Portal for referring doctors

Our portal for referring doctors gives you quick, direct access to all reports and image records for your patients. Please get in touch with us!

Certified quality management

Praxis am Studio takes an active approach to quality management and has been certified since 2015. We undergo annual external and independent audits for recertification. Our equipment is continually inspected and maintained in line with full maintenance contracts. All of our medical specialists hold the corresponding qualifications and current advanced training certificates. Ongoing training – particularly in our key working areas – is a matter of course for us.

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Our facilities

Semi-open high-end MRI (Ingenia Ambition) featuring 1.5T and BlueSeal magnet, digital 16-channel coils and Compressed SENSE produces very high-quality images with short examination times. A comfortable, relatively short bore with a width of 70 cm enhances patient comfort.

Multi-slice CT (Ingenuity Flex) with high-end technological components (32 slices, current dose reduction technology, latest post-processing options) for high-resolution images in conjunction with dose-reduction techniques.