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FAQ (frequently asked questions)

What should I bring with me to the checkup?

Please, have a valid referral, your electronic Health Card, as well as a towel with you. In addition to that, if available, bring the results of your previous examinations of the same areas that are to be examined at the moment (e.g. X-rays, CT, MRT examinations, and medical and hospital reports).

Should I come to the checkup on an empty stomach?

Some of the examinations require injection of a contrast agent. This decision is made by the radiologist. In case there’s a need of a contrast agent injection, please do not take any food two hours prior to the checkup. However, you can drink water and take necessary medicine.

Injection of a contrast agent?

All issues related to the injection of a contrast agent will be clarified by your doctor or by means of an information leaflet. Injection of a contrast agent is implied with your consent only. We use contrast agent Cadovist, which according to the testing belongs to the contrast agents with minimum adverse effects. Yet, we ask you to focus our attention if there’s a possibility of an allergic reaction to the contrast agent or of an impaired kidney function.

What do I need to consider in case I have claustrophobia?

If you suffer from claustrophobia, we can prescribe you a sedative medicine before the checkup. You receive the medicine in the form of a drink. We have gained extensive experience in the usage of this medicine. For the purpose of taking it, you need to arrive at our medical practice 30 minutes before your appointment. In case of a very intense claustrophobia, after a consultation with the radiologist, the sedative may be injected intravenously, that is, in the form of an injection into a vein, which will allow carrying out the examination. It is of utmost importance for you to come to the checkup with someone who can accompany you back home. After an injection of a sedative, you should not actively participate in any form of traffic or drive a car. Please, inform us you are willing to receive a sedative during the alignment of the visit agreement.

Will I receive the images and the medical report after the examination?

After the examination, the images are presented to you in CD-ROM format. A written report will be sent to your referring doctor by fax or by mail during a week. In case of acute medical emergencies, your report will be given immediately or the referring doctor will be informed per phone.

Is my referral considered to be valid, if it was issued during the last quarter?

Yes, referrals of the last quarter are considered to be valid for the current quarter.

Are there any peculiarities and risks involved in MRT-examination?

To avoid any risks you must inform us about the following peculiarities:

  • Metallic implants and foreign bodies
  • Pacemaker
  • Tattoos, Permanent Makeup, Piercings
  • Gross obesity
  • Pregnancy, especially at an early stage

If you have implant/implants, for example, artificial heart valves, joint implants, auditory ossicle implants, cochlear implant or vessel clips, submission of corresponding documentation is needed. If you do not have corresponding documentation at hand or there are metallic foreign bodies in your body, for example, shrapnel from a grenade, please present any information at your disposal e.g. medical report, surgery epicrisis, CT- and MRT-examination reports. If you have a pacemaker, we will not be able to conduct the MRT-examination. For that purpose, special logistics is required. For that, please, contact a specialized center, for example, university clinics, hospitals with top medical equipment or cardiology centers.

Tattoos, Permanent Makeup, Piercings:

If the paint that was used includes metallic particles, the heating of these paint particles may lead to subsequent severe damage of skin surface. Therefore, please, learn competently whether or not an MRT-examination is possible in your current situation. As most of the time there is no legally binding information, the patient is obliged to assume any possible risks, certifying it with a signature. Besides, we can consult you during a personal conversation. The same refers to metallic piercings. They need to be removed before the examination.

Peculiarities and risks of a CT-examination:

CT-examination is conducted via implementation of X-ray radiation and generally is not carried out during pregnancy. For that reason, you need to be sure you are not pregnant. Women of reproductive age have to certify it by a signature. For an injection of a contrast agent evaluation of the functioning of kidneys and thyroid gland is required. If available, please bring relevant laboratory data with you (e.g. from a family doctor).

Cancellation of the visit:

If you will not be able to turn up to the scheduled appointment, please cancel your visit as soon as possible. We will be able to offer the appointment to another patient.